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  • Any one goal among 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • IAO can be conducted in the school premises from 11th Oct 2023 till 19th Oct 2023.
  • It can be any medium of your own choice like colour pencil, crayons, sketch pens, water colour oil paint acrylic etc on white chart.
  • Yes, all the participating candidates will be provided with printed world record attempt participation certificates
  • A link will be enable in our website from 11th Oct 2023 and School coordinators can scan best three artworks in each categories and images can be converted into .pdf format (3 files as per student’s 3 category (file 1: Sub juniors(Classes 1 to 4) , file 2:Juniors(Classes 5 to 8) and File 3: Seniors(Classes 9 to 12)). Then coordinators can upload three pdfs in the following link : https://www.starolympiad.org/arts.php please do not send your orginal works to us, unless we ask for it. [ Scan all artworks and separate all artworks as per 3 categories (sub junior , junior and senior category) convert images as pdf formats ( 3 categories and three pdfs) & then upload in the shared web link].
  • The art work must be on a flat piece of white chart.
  • The following details should be written at the top right corner of the chart.
  • INR 150 per student. Rs. 10 can be retained by the school to meet incidental charges. (includes faber castell product worth Rs.80 and plantable stationary worth Rs.20). Faber castell product will reach the school campus on or before 11th oct 2023.
  • The competition is to provide awareness about UN’s SDGs through arts contest.
  • Yes, it must fall under the given theme / topic.
  • No, because this is an online competition, the students can bring their own materials. on or before 11th oct 2023 Faber castell product will be supplied.
  • It is up to the artist’s imagination whether it is a color full or a pencil shading artwork.
  • After Registration,
    All the information regarding IAO is sent to the school principal office. The students can get the necessary details from the school Principal / teacher coordinators or through the star Olympiad foundation official website -->click here